Special Information Visiting Veterinary Intern and Extern Students Space permitting, we welcome veterinary students to complete part of their learning at our clinic.  If you have not already done so, please email your personal/school details, along with a letter of intention, preferred dates/and proposed length of your stay to: exoticvetclinic@gmail.com .

Often students ask us to fill out paperwork required by their University programs. Please refer to the following information to complete your paperwork.  Please send completed paperwork to the email address above.  Please call if you have questions, but we request that you do not ask our staff to complete the paperwork for you.

General Information:

The clinic was established in 1985 as Indiana’s first all exotic veterinary clinic. The practice is dedicated entirely to medicine and surgery of all exotic pet species. We do not treat dogs, cats, or horses.

Clinic hours are Monday-Saturday 8-6pm. After hours emergency calls are taken by our staff on a rotating basis.

Our staff:

Angela M. Lennox, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian, ECM, (certified in avian and exotic companion mammal practice) ECZM-Small Mammal. Graduated from Purdue University in 1989. Practiced 100% exotic animal medicine since 1991. Complete CV is available upon request.

The exotic clinic is an ABVP residency training site.

Our support staff includes 6 registered veterinary technicians, as well as client care specialists, dedicated boarding "innkeepers," and our practice manager.


Students participate in the activities of a busy 100% exotic animal practice. Students are responsible for the primary care and evaluation of injured and orphaned wildlife brought to the clinic.

Students may practice techniques and mock surgeries on available cadavers. Most students will participate in the general nursing care of our patients and client education after demonstrating adequate proficiency.

No formal evaluation will be provided beyond that required by the student’s University. Students are expected to demonstrate a positive attitude and professional demeanor at all times, and to help keep the practice orderly and clean. Students are expected to treat our clients and professional staff with courtesy and respect.