The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic was established in 1985 and one of the nation’s first veterinary practice dedicated entirely to the care of exotic and nontraditional pet species. We employ the state’s only Board-Certified Avian and Exotic Mammal specialists.

The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic offers full medical and surgical care of all exotic pet species. We also offer house calls, 24-hour emergency service and referral, behavioral consultation, and grooming. We are pleased with the fact that many of our appointments each day are normal pets coming in for annual physical examinations and wellness checkups.

We also operate the midwest's only all-exotic animal boarding facility, the Avian and Exotic Inn, offering full service boarding options for birds, exotic mammals and reptiles.

The staff of the Avian and Exotic Animal clinic includes veterinarians, skilled registered veterinary technicians, client care specialists and boarding "innkeepers".  Our staff participates in the instruction and continuing education of visiting veterinarians and both veterinary and veterinary technician students. Our visiting veterinarians and students come from all over the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia.


In this context, exotic pet refers to any pet not commonly seen in traditional canine and feline practice, and includes pet birds, reptiles, rabbits, rodents, exotic cats, small hooved stock and sometimes zoo species. Although a rabbit is probably not considered “exotic” by most, care of these species requires special knowledge and training.


Traditional veterinary education usually does not adequately prepare veterinarians for the care of unusual pet species. When veterinarians attempt to treat these special species as if they were cats and dogs, serious harm can occur. Veterinarians treating exotic and non-traditional pets must make the commitment to learn about these special species, and spend continuing education time keeping up on the latest advancements in exotic pet care. Some canine and feline veterinarians are doing just that. However, at the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic, we believe our focus on these species allows us to provide the highest and most advanced level of care possible. In fact, our clinic employs Indiana’s only board certified Avian and Exotic Companion Mammals Specialist, and is an approved training site for residents seeking specialist status through the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP). See: Why Choose an ABVP Specialist?


Most exotic pet species are masters at hiding illness from owners. Most are prey species, and an important survival trick is to hide injury and illness to prevent predators from targeting them. Therefore, regular veterinary visits are important to help detect early indications of illness. During a normal well pet visit, the staff will go over many aspects of pet care, discuss ways to detect early disease and minimize preventable illness, and share any new advances in exotic pet care that might benefit your special pet. All new pets go home with written care instructions.