Job Description: 

Associate Veterinarian

-Educational qualifications: The ideal candidate holds an exotic animal-related specialty degree or has a least 5 years of significant experience in avian and exotic animal medicine, with the goal of board certification in the future.

-Other qualifications: We enjoy our close bond as a team, and with our clients and patients; our primary “job” is to help our clients help their special pets.  Please see our mission statement at the bottom of this page.


-Salary includes a base and percentage of income generated.

-Clinic sponsored health insurance, 50% of premium paid

-401k retirement program

-Shares/buy in for the right candidate considered after two years of successful employment

-Vacation and paid time off 


-Yearly CE allowance


-Scheduled 40 hour work week (we are willing to consider a less than 40 hour schedule for the right candidate)

-Shared on-call duty. 

-Supervision of visiting students (high school through veterinary externs)

-Help with pro-bono care of injured and orphaned wildlife waiting for transfer to a rehabilitation facility

-Participation in mandatory full staff training 2 hours per week 


Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic-Mission and Vision Statement


 What do we do?

The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic provides training and tools to help owners keep their pets healthy (preventative healthcare), and comfort and healing for ill exotic pets. We provide pro-bono medical and surgical care for injured and/or ill wild animals found outdoors by the public. We provide discounted medical and surgical care for exotic pets under the care of selected animal rescue organizations. We also provide valuable training to other veterinarians and veterinary students.

Who do we serve?

The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic provides services for all owners of exotic pets. We provide on-line preventative healthcare and education materials for those who cannot afford our services, and wellness checks and full medical and surgical care for those who can, and choose to drive to our location in central Indiana. We provide training to US and international veterinarians and veterinary students interested in learning or improving their exotic animal medicine skills.

What is our driving force?

The driving force behind our clinic is our unique niche in exotic animal medicine, and extremely high level of service and care. Our clinic is recognized the world over as a leader in exotic animal medicine.

We strive for constant advancement and improvement, which we achieve through participation in continuing education, writing of scientific papers and documents, teaching, and clinical research. 

What sets us apart from other veterinarians is the high level of medical and surgical care offered. In our area, we provide the only regularly available 24-hour emergency care for exotic pets. We are the only site in the state of Indiana currently providing externships and practical experiences in exotic pet medicine for both US and international veterinarians and veterinary students.

What is our relationship with our clients?

We strive for a relationship of trust. We want our owners to understand we provide the best care available in our area, and will refer to our specialist colleagues when necessary. This level of trust will give our clients confidence to follow our recommendations and compensate us fairly. This provides an ideal working partnership for exotic pet care. 

What is our relationship with our colleagues?

We strive for a relationship of respect, with the mutual goal of optimal exotic pet care for our shared clients. We want to know our colleagues will refer challenging cases with confidence, and that we will treat colleagues with respect and a spirit of collegiality.  We facilitate this by generating and submitting a full case report to referring veterinarians within 48 hours of a patient’s discharge from the clinic. We also facilitate this by ensuring all our staff speak well of colleagues to others. 

What is our relationship within our team?

We strive for high individual skill levels, professional conduct and interpersonal relationships that lead to optimal patient care. Optimal care results when our team shares the clinic mission and upholds the vision statement, respects other team members and colleagues, strives for constant improvement and enjoys the workplace. All team members will give 100% of their efforts and energies while on the job. Conduct will at all times help achieve the clinic’s vision of outstanding care for all our exotic animal patients and their owners.

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