Calling all expert foragers!

We are in the process of making an advanced foraging video for birds.  If your bird is an expert forager, send us videos showing him or her at work!  We want to see boxes, cups, commercial foraging toys and anything else you’ve invented, and a movie of your clever bird using it.

If you aren’t sure what foraging is, you and your bird should give it a try and send us the results!

Here are two of our beginner foraging videos:

For cockatiels, budgies, finches and canaries, watch here.

For all larger birds, watch here.


Tips for optimal filming: 

  • Be sure the background is free of clutter and anything you don’t want the public to see. 

  • Be sure there is plenty of light.

  • Shoot your video holding the camera horizontally. 

  • Try your best to hold the camera or phone still!

  • Avoid showing brand names or logos.

  • Don’t worry about audio - we will remove all sound from your video.

Please email your foraging clips to our videographer Katie –

Lights, camera and foraging ACTION!