Look what the wind blew in!

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hawks 2.jpg

These two red tail hawk nestlings were blown out of their tree, nest and all, by the heavy storm that came through Sunday. The bird on the right was standing and vocalizing, but his/her friend on the left was quiet, and the reason soon became clear-a fractured humerus.

Fortunately, radiographs showed the fracture was simple and relatively easy to repair. On Tuesday morning, Dr. Lewis and Amanda came in before hours to prepare for surgery. With the assistance of the rest of the team, the fracture was pinned and nestlings went with our licensed wildlife rehabilitator on Wednesday. We expect a full recovery!

Storms with strong winds can be deadly for creatures nesting in trees. If you encounter a young bird without adult feathers out of the nest, it's OK to return the bird to the nest if the baby seems uninjured and the nest is within reach. If you find the entire nest and babies, the nest can be placed on a piece of wood or in a large basket and securely fastened to the nearest likely tree. Mom will be happy to continue caring for her young ones!

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Stay tuned for updates on our little wind blown hawks.