It's Finally Summer!


With the warm weather comes both opportunity and caution for our exotic pets.  For bird and reptile owners, we can take advantage of the benefits of natural exposure to UV light. Consider some time outdoors with access to direct sunlight (not filtered through glass or plastic). Studies show benefits can be gained from just a few hours of exposure.  Use caution to prevent overheating by providing an area with shade, and provide plenty of fresh water.  Other dangers come from predators, for example dogs, cats and even hawks.  All enclosures should be secure on all sides.  Exotic mammals may enjoy a supervised trip outdoors, but be cautious with those pets not naturally acclimated to warm weather, for example guinea pigs and chinchillas.  All mammals should adjust to the warm weather by gradually increasing the amount of time outdoors. Watch for signs of overheating, including increased respiratory rate and panting.