Who are all these visitors?

When you visit the clinic, more than likely you will meet one or more veterinary visitors, either veterinary students here as part of their education, or veterinarians here to share their experiences and learn a little from us.  Find out more about our visitors on the “Visiting Veterinarians” link.
We have found these kinds of exchanges beneficial for everyone, and it’s fun to learn how our colleagues are practicing exotic animal medicine around the world.  For example, pet rabbits are illegal in parts of Australia, and Sugar gliders are forbidden in Belgium. Some parts of Europe would not even consider a rat as a pet.  But for the most part, the interest in pet birds, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles and lots of other exotic pets is rising dramatically in most parts of the world, and the level of medical care is improving as well.
When you are here, say hello and ask our visitors a bit about their experiences!