Hi ho, it’s off to conferences we go!


How do veterinarians improve skills and learn the newest and latest on pet care after graduating from school?  By accumulating CE, or continuing education hours. Most states require veterinarians to obtain a certain amount of CE. In Indiana, veterinarians are required to obtain 40 hours every two years.How do exotic veterinarians find CE about our special species?  Fortunately, there are now many conferences with lectures on medicine and surgery of birds, reptile, rabbits, ferrets, rodents and much, much more. The largest veterinary conference in the US is the North American Veterinary Conference, in Orlando every January. This conference hosted 6000 veterinarians this year, and provided exotic animal lectures all day for the entire 5-day conference. If you are interested, the entire scientific program can be viewed at: www.navc.com/session. More info on our doctors’ CE schedules can be found under the “news” link.