The Heat is ON!!


With the hot weather comes increased risk to some of our exotic pets. All pets can have trouble when the weather becomes warm suddenly, and they have not had time to adapt to the change. However, a few of our exotic pets are more susceptible to heat related illness than others, in particular our guinea pigs and chinchillas.Already this year our clinic has seen two fatalities in exotic pets due to hot weather. One occurred when a sick pet was transported in a vehicle without air conditioning on an unusually hot day. Tip for prevention of heat-related illness:        -Keep guinea pigs and chinchillas at temperature 75 degrees and below at all times. If air conditioning is not available, use fans and ice packs to help keep the pet cool.        - Allow all pets to adapt gradually to hot weather. If pets are to spend times outdoors, start with 15-20 minute sessions, gradually increasing the time outdoors.        -Watch for signs of heat-related illness, including increased rate of breathing, and lethargy    Any overheated pet should be cooled by placing cool wet towels around the body, and calling the clinic immediately for further instructions. See the "Emergency Care" link here ( for more instructions.