It’s Flu Season!


Question: which common exotic species is susceptible to influenza, and can even get the flu from sick humans?


Answer: The ferret! Ferrets are extremely susceptible to influenza, and there are many cases of ferrets catching flu from their sick owners. (Ferrets are not susceptible to the common cold, which is caused by another virus entirely).   Symptoms are similar to that in human:  sneezing and runny nose and eyes, lethargy, weakness and fever.  Most ferrets recover from flu. However, older ferrets, or those with existing medical conditions may be much more severely affected.  A few have died from secondary bacterial infections. Prevent flu by keeping suspect people and other ferrets away from ferrets.  If you suspect your ferret has the flu, call us.  Mildly affected ferrets may be fine at home with rest and plenty of oral fluids, but older or sicker ferrets may need a visit.  Call us at 317-879-8633