Cats vs. Exotic Pets: Not An Even Match!

Did you know that the bacteria in the mouths and on the claws of pet cats can be particularly dangerous to anyone unlucky enough to be bitten or clawed?  Note: this includes humans as well as pets.
Even if the exotic pet wins the battle and the wounds are small, he may lose the war to a deadly bacterial infection in just a matter of days. There are even reports of pets without obvious wounds dying of bacterial infections, perhaps from bacteria entering tiny tears in the skin or mucus membranes.
Here's what to do if your exotic pet encounters the pet cat:
If your pet is in shock, bleeding or lethargic, call us immediately (see emergency care)
If your pet is stable, look for wounds and cleanse them carefully and thoroughly with antibacterial soap
Call us right away to schedule an appointment to start antibiotic therapy as quickly as possible.