Congrats Dr Lennox!!!


Dr. Lennox has just been named the 2013 winner of the Oxbow Exotic Mammal Health Award! According to John Miller, President and Founder of Oxbow Animal Health, this award "celebrated the work of one while honoring a collective-animal health professionals the world over, working tirelessly to advance animal health and wellbeing. We are proud to recognize this year's winner, and all those who lead, teach, learn, innovate, and advocate in the name of animals." Dr. Lennox is especially proud to receive this recognition as it is nominated by other professionals in the exotic mammal field. The award itself is entitled "The Quest". According to Oxbow, the sculpture was designed to represent the journey taken by the animal health professional. At the heart of The Quest is a structure resembling the serpent-encircled staff of Asclepius, the Greek God of healing and the international symbol of medicine. The upward spiral also represents the quest of the veterinary professionals as they seek to fulfill the tenets of the Veterinarian's Oath. Framing the spiral are three interlocking spheres, each on symbolizing an important facet of the professional quest: to promote animal health, to advance medical knowledge, and to benefit society. We are proudly displaying The Quest in our new reception room so come check both out!