How Can It Be? Baby Wildlife Season Already?


We would have thought with the severe cold weather the native Indiana wildlife would have held on for a while before making lots of wild babies, but no such luck!  Look at what just came into our clinic this week (with more snow predicted for the weekend)!  Can you tell what kind of babies these are?  


These young squirrels were accidental dislodged by a tree trimming company and brought in to our clinic by Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. Later that same day, another baby squirrel was brought in by a Good Samaritan! All of the baby squirrels are already safe and warm with one of our licensed wildlife rehabilitators!

With spring apparently around the corner, we'd like to remind everyone about what to do if you encounter injured or orphaned wildlife. Please click the here for more information.  In the majority of cases, wildlife you encounter doesn't actually need help. When they do, we are here to help.

As always, we do not charge anything for the care of wild animals, but we are always in need of donations! Check out our wildlife page for a full list of items we could use to help with their care.

Happy Spring!