A Visitor's Report


This week we say goodbye to Dr. Filomena Mazzone from Italy who spend a few weeks with us getting to know the clinic, our clients, and clinic mascot Abba. We asked her to give us a report on her experiences and this is what she said:   DSC03314"During two weeks of my internship I saw a lot of different exotic species, reptiles, parrots, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and full sized pigs.  Two interesting surgeries were in two parrots, one for the reproductive tract and another for a cloacal mass. The preparation of these surgeries was interesting for all of the details: monitoring the temperature, heart rate, breathing, and other things. I saw neutering of rats and guinea pigs for the first time. Finally I followed the very interesting case of a ferret with urethral obstruction with stones. After placing a catheter, the ferret had a urethrostomy. This has been a very important experience for my future work with exotic animals. All of the doctors and staff have been very kind, and thank you very much!"