Julie from Thailand


Recently, we said goodbye to another long term visitor. Dr. Rapeephat Phatcharinsak, or Julie for short, stayed with us for two months before returning back to Thailand. As usual, we asked her to share a bit with us about her experience. Here's what she said: I had the great opportunity to visit here for 2 months. I've learnt many things from this clinic. This clinic is such an excellent educational center for veterinary students, veterinary technicians, and veterinarians who are interested in exotic pets, as well as overseas veterinarians like me. Dr. Lennox and all her staff are so nice, friendly and smart. All of them love to study the newest and the best techniques and knowledge for developing how to prevent illnesses and treat their patients. They share their knowledge and practice together every week and all visiting can join studying in this program. That's so superb! I've studied and practiced a lot with them. Also, this clinic has great protocols for treatment, especially emergency case that I've never seen at other clinics before. Moreover, I've seen lots of challenging and rare cases dealing with exotic pet and wildlife! Some of the most interesting cases were a critical macaque with a huge belly that suffered from a gas filled GI tract, an anorexic red fox who suffered from GI foreign body obstruction for many days, an owl who had broken both wings, and many cases in reptiles. I've seen endoscopy in a lesser crested cockatoo and a scarlet macaw. I was so excited because that's my first time, but they do endoscopy all the time. Dr. Lennox has had a lot of experience with this. Absolutely, I didn’t want to leave this clinic but I had to. I really loved visiting. I don't have anything else to say except.. I really thank you for everything that you gave me from the bottom of my heart! I promise, I will apply all the knowledge that I received to develop my Thai Vet Society and I'm looking forward to meeting you again. I'll miss you!