Happy Easter


IMG_4081April 1st, 2015 This is the time of year when we see "Easter Bunnies", not just hiding eggs for us on Easter morning, but purchased for children as pets. While we LOVE rabbits as pets, we think it's important everyone understands that the cute baby bunny will grow up, will require up to 10 years of care, and may develop some personality quirks or other traits owners should be prepared for... For example these adorable fuzzy baby bunnies will grow up to be this: 1

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Of course, none of those photos are real BUT, baby bunnies are often a 10 year or more commitment, require as much care and attention as dogs and cats, and don't always make the best pets for children. Many of these guys are dumped into rescue, or worse, dumped outdoors to fend for themselves when the Easter novelty wears off. Give us a call, or visit Indiana House Rabbit Society's excellent website for more information on life with a House Rabbit.



Oh yes, and cute baby Easter chicks (and ducks) will grow up to be this: