Big Changes for Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic


We say a fond goodbye to two members of staff. Dr. Amber Lee, who successfully completed her two year Avian residency, and is on the way to sitting for her final examination in the fall.  Once that is completed, she will be a board-certified Avian specialist, through the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (www.  Dr. Lee goes on to head the exotics department at a VCA specialty hospital in Massachusetts.  Check out Dr. Lee’s new practice here: IMG_4808We also say goodbye to Phil, our clinic degu, who after a series of health problems will retire from his enormous clinic condo in the examination room for a more manageable retirement home with one of our staff members. Peaceful, quiet surroundings should really help! Caring for older pets can be a challenge.  If you have concerns for your aging pet, let us know and we will share our experiences to help your elder pet age gracefully and comfortably.

DSC04019The clinic welcomes Dr. Elizabeth Shaw as our newest resident, who like Dr. Samantha Swisher is working towards a specialty in Exotic Companion Mammals.  Dr. Shaw graduated from the veterinary school in Dublin, Ireland, and has a special interest in veterinary acupuncture. Look for more details on our “staff” page.