Why it's Way Important to Find An Easy Way to Weigh


Coming to Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic in October! Way to Go Abba-Getting Weighed!

Did you know that a digital scale is one of the most important preventative medical devices you can buy for your exotic pets?  Most exotic pets are expert at hiding signs of illness, and fur and feathers can hide weight loss, even from experienced owners.  (This is especially true for pet birds!) That's why an inexpensive gram scale can be one of your best tools to help note early weight loss, which often accompanies illness in any pet. Pets can be trained to sit on the scale in a box or on a perch in exchange for a treat. This is why all pets boarded at the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic are weighed on a gram scale multiple times during their stays.

Recently we learned of the sad experience of an owner whose pet stayed at a friend's house for babysitting.  Within two days of coming back home, the pet was in our hospital, completely emaciated, and did not survive. Both the experienced babysitter and the owner were completely unaware of the severe weight loss. This is why the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic is declaring October Way to Weigh month-we're featuring a good quality inexpensive gram scale for smaller exotic pets who weigh less than 11 pounds (that's most of them).  Come by to say hi and pick up your scale today!