Teaching in Asia: Part 2


Dinner 1 The conference in Japan was hosted by the Japanese Society of Exotic Pet Medicine (JSEPM) http://www.jsepm.com/ and the Japanese Association of Avian Medicine


The first two days were all mammal topics, and the third day all avian topics.  In between we feasted on authentic Japanese cuisine and explored Japanese culture. Our hosts were very kind, enthusiastic, and best of all, had a great sense of humor.




Translator and MiwaIn order to lecture in Japan, my lectures were translated by the very talented veterinarian Dr. Masayuki Naoi.  It was interesting to hear what I said in repeated in Japanese. Here is Dr. Naoi on the left, and conference organizer Yasutsugu Miwa on the right.


Bird LecturerThe day in between the mammal and avian lectures, I bought a cute little budgie to bring back with me to the states.  I even brought him to the avian lectures the next day to show everyone. After the break I returned to find my hosts had given the bird permission to take over for me.