Rest in Peace, Phil


It is with hphil 2eavy hearts that we announce the passing of Phil, the clinic degu. Phil came to us nearly 8 years ago as an adult, though no one was quite sure of his actual age. He, unlike most of his species, couldn’t stand living with other degus and had to be kept separately from his family. He lived alone quite happily in one of our exam rooms, where many of you may have seen and interacted with him. Phil enjoyed exploring the clinic in his giant hamster ball while his cage was being cleaned, being scratched (but not picked up!) and rearranging his cage furniture. About 6 months ago, Phil started to have some health problems and it was decided that it was time for him to retire as clinic pet. He went to live with our receptionist Megan, where he enjoyed hanging out on the couch getting snuggled during movie time and sleeping against the side of the cage against his cat friend Samurai Sam.  When in his ball, he particularly liked forming trains with Megan's other pets to follow her around the house! Megan spoiled him rotten until he finally passed on Saturday. All of us will miss him greatly. As a legacy to Phil, we are opening his cage up to adoptable animals from one of our local rescues. Next time you are in the clinic, be sure to visit our first adoption candidate Dora the Gerbil!