Highlights from April Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine


The Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine (JEPM) is an outstanding resource for exotic practitioners with peer reviewed case reports clinical briefs, research and more; species include birds, exotic mammals, reptiles and even fish. The next few e-messages we will summarize highlights from that issue. Sedation and Local Anesthesia as an Alternative to General Anesthesia  in Three Birds

Lee A, Lennox AM.

SedateRadsThis article featured 3 cases of the use of midazolam and butorphanol combined with lidocaine for treatment of a dermal cyst, amputation of a digit and repair of predator wounds in a conure, cockatiel and pet chicken. Sedation plus local were effective and safe. Sedation should be considered any time general anesthesia is not absolutely indicated.



Abnormal Buoyancy in a Convict Cichlid Associated with an Ovarian Carcinoma Invading the Swim Bladder.

Lewis S, Pinkerton M, Churgin S, Slaky K.

Buoyancy problems are common in fish, and there are multiple etiologies. This case report demonstrated invasion of ovarian carcinoma into the swim bladder as a cause of lateral recumbency. Diagnosis of buoyancy disorders requires a thorough approach in order to formulate a possible treatment plan.