Winged Encounters at the Indianapolis Zoo


Hey Bird Lovers!  Looking for something fun to do before the weather changes? We highly recommend Winged Encounters at the Indianapolis Zoo!  This is an amazing chance to see beautiful macaws in full flight, and to watch professional trainers at work. The Indy birds are a group that include blue and gold, blue throated, green wing, Hyacinth macaws and more!  The birds grew up together and started learning at a very young age. The flight you will see is a result of a series of small “baby steps” that are rewarded at every phase.  No bird is ever forced to perform, and birds receive only positive reinforcement.  One important concept is that to build trust, if a bird does not want to fly that day, or prefers not to step up to a trainer, he or she does not have to.  We learned a lot of tips that owners can apply to help relationships with their own pet birds. 

The zoo birds fly until fall….when you see them, tell them their fans at Avian and Exotic said hello!