Run Away Exotics!


We had a recent call asking if anyone had found a lost adult sulcata tortoise.  (These tortoises can grow very large and strong and are good at escaping from outdoor enclosures.)  Last week we saw a young ferret for a check up after he escaped outdoors for several days.  Every year we get calls from people who find lost parrots.  Besides being very careful about maintaining a secure enclosure, what else can exotic pet owners do? Many can’t “wear” ID like a tag on a dog collar.  However, nearly very exotic pet can get a microchip (yes, reptiles and birds too!). 

We scan every lost pet that good Samaritans bring in for check ups, or who are brought in by one of our partner rescues. If there’s a chip, we have a place to start to reunite the lost pet with the owner.

Thinking about a microchip for your exotic pet?  Give us a call and we will go over the entire process.