Succulent Orphanage

Story By Brie Worrell
This winter, the Avian and Exotic Inn is home to not only a variety of exotic pets but succulents as well. It started with the Boarding Supervisor bringing her little family of succulents to the boarding facility to save them from her plant-eating cat. A few days later, a tech asked if she could bring her succulent to live at the boarding facility over-winter. With that, the succulent orphanage began. Soon after, more succulents appeared at the doorstep of the Avian and Exotic Inn. Most needed some TLC. Some (Theodore) had bite wounds, others(Sebastian) with water or sun burns, and others (Sawyer) with over-watering. The Boarding Assistants care for the succulent orphans, giving them proper husbandry including borrowing a UVB bulb from the reptile room to provide heat and UVB to help them heal and grow. Many of the succulents have come from near death and are now thriving in our succulent haven. In spring, some of them will return to their original homes but others will find their forever home at the Avian and Exotic Inn.