Is your new fuzzy baby ferret fully protected from distemper and rabies?


What can be more fun that a silly baby ferret?  For those of us with Ferret Fever, don’t forget your new purchase from the pet store is probably not fully vaccinated.  Most pet store ferrets come from one or more commercial breeders who usually give baby ferrets the first of the required series of vaccines for distemper.  Unless the pet store takes them to the vet for vaccines, the vaccine series is not complete. Also, only veterinarians can administer rabies vaccine, which is required by Indiana law for dogs cats and ferrets.    If the pet store says the vaccines are all up to date, ask for proof of vaccination. And if you are not sure, give us a call and we will help you find out if your new baby is really protected. Don’t forget the Ferret 500 is coming up May 5th!  For more information go here: