Baby Wild Animals-For Sale???


We were stunned, as some of you may have been, about the news story of the women taking baby raccoons from the wild and trying to sell them on Craig’s List as pets.

This is not a good idea for lots of reasons.

Firstly, all Indiana wildlife is protected, and belongs to the people of Indiana. It’s not legal to take any wild animal, bird or reptile from the wild. It should be kept in mind that ALL birds, like songbird and hawks and owls are actually protected by the federal government as well as the State of Indiana (there are a few exceptions of invasive animals that are not native to the US, for example pigeons and starlings).

Secondly, very few wild animals actually make good pets. Most are adorable and cute and babies, but are challenging, and even potentially dangerous as they mature. Most wild mammals cannot be examined by veterinary staff without sedation, and the risk of bites is particularly high. Some have complicated diets and other needs and actually don’t do well in captivity.

Thirdly, animals taken from the wild may have parasites and other diseases that could be dangerous to people

And finally, some of our native wildlife is actually at risk, in particular some species of turtles and other reptiles.

We have so many fabulous domesticated exotic pets that are wonderful pets.   And, our rescues have many wonderful and beautiful pets who would love a permanent home.

Questions on wildlife (or other unusual exotic animals) as pets? Call us, or better yet, schedule your free “pre-purchase” exam, and we will share what we’ve learned over nearly 30 years of exotic pet practice.