From Trash to Treasure: One Beautiful Bird’s Story


From Meg, EARPS volunteer:   On Saturday, August 18, a good Samaritan reached out to EARPS. They had heard a noise in the dumpster by their apartment, and upon investigating, found a bird chewing its way out of a box. When they got the box out of the dumpster and opened it, the bird inside was wrapped in a cloth and was dirty and smelled bad. The good Samaritan called around until someone referred them to EARPS, as no one was quite sure what to do with this bird!

The finders told EARPS that she had "upper respiratory symptoms and her beak was overgrown, and she has poop stuck to her butt" and so EARPS decided to take her into rescue as an emergency. But then when EARPS picked up the bird, that wasn't the case. She had a very visible prolapse and was caked in feces and urates on her bottom half. The finders, although very kind, had no knowledge about birds and weren't aware of how severe this condition could have been.

When EARPS brought her home to a temporary foster, she ate every single thing handed to her - vegetables, fruits, pellets, seeds. human junk food! She ate for nearly 24 hours straight, even eating while they covered her cage up for the night.  EARPS took her to AEAC first thing Monday morning.

Our bird is doing very well now!  We found she is a mature female, with some evidence of reproductive disease, and we are taking steps to get her well and ready for a permanent home.