Meet our newest “Doctor”!


Meet Dr. Xavier, our newest clinic addition. He’s a young rabbit, brought in by a Good Samaritan who found him abandoned outside. Besides being covered in fleas and in need of a bath, Xavier has a severe vertebral fracture and damaged spinal cord. His hind limbs are completely paralyzed.  

Our head technician, Mandy, has decided to take this special needs guy on and give him a second chance. At this point, he requires a lot of care. He can feed himself and is able to move around a little, but he needs help emptying his bladder several times a day. After a lot of trial and error, Mandy has rigged up a cart for him, and he is currently learning how to use it! Keep an eye on our page for future updates, and perhaps, when he gets used to his cart, you’ll be able to see him scooting around the clinic!