Dr. Xavier Update


We have an unfortunate incident to relate regarding Dr. Xavier, the paralyzed rabbit adopted by our technician Mandy (Meet Our Newest Doctor). Last week he and Mandy were involved in an auto accident while Mandy was driving with him to work. The car was totaled, and Mandy was bruised by the airbag, but Xavier added an additional burden to his health condition-a broken femur! Mandy had him in a carrier and buckled with a seatbelt, but it got us to thinking about pet car safety, and how we can do absolutely everything we can to keep our exotic pets safe in the car. There are plenty of websites on pet car safety for dogs, including seat belt harnesses and carriers that snap into a secured base, similar to a baby car seat.  We found some great tips here: http://Barkbuckleup.com http://www.bigappleherp.com/Safe-Secure-Car-Dog-Carrier However there isn’t much at all on exotic pet car safety.  With this in mind, we offer the following observations, keeping in mind we have no scientific proof of the absolutely best and safest way to transport your exotic pet. It’s obvious that any unrestrained pet involved in a car accident like Mandy’s, for example a parrot riding on the shoulder, would be killed upon impact. Therefore,  a seat-belted carrier seems safest.  Dr. Xavier was seat belted in his carrier, but the carrier was oriented longways in the car. We reasoned that during the accident he had longer to go before hitting the front of the cage than if he had been seat belted in sideways. Also consider the smallest carrier in which your pet can comfortably fit, and pad with large, soft towels.  Always belt your pet into the rear seats to avoid contact with front seat airbags. On a happier note, we expect Dr. Xavier to heal just fine, and we’re glad everyone is OK!