To Clip or Not to Clip (wings, that is)…..That is the Question!


Bird owners have a choice when it comes to clipping wings.  Many choose to clip to prevent flight and avoid collision injuries and accidental escapes outdoors.  Others choose to take precautions and allow flight in the home in a protected, safe area. There are advantages and disadvantages to either approach:


Wing clip

Birds are obviously safer from collisions and escape. However, these birds are denied the fun of flying, and terrific exercise and enrichment benefits. Some birds are just better pets when they can’t fly wherever they want. It may be difficult to completely bird-proof the home from dangers such as the hot stove, toilets, large glass windows or ceiling fans. Birds confined to one area make less mess!


Free flight

The free-flighted bird gets to take advantage of a natural behavior that’s good for the body and for the mind as well.  Owners can carefully create a safe flying space free of dangers.  However, accidental escapes happen, and the free-flighted bird that gets out may keep flying and never come back (we’ve seen that happen personally and it’s very disappointing). Free flighted birds may be leaner and have less risk of some of the diseases that come with inactivity, including heart disease.


Owners should choose carefully based on what’s reasonable for them and their situation. We can help you discuss the options and decide what’s right for your bird!