Here We Go Again!

Looks like we are bracing for more snow and the weather guys are predicting a rough February.
We already have one of our special  owners boarding her bird friends at the clinic due to the shortage of propane. This reminds us to ask: do you have a contingency plan for your exotic pets in case of an emergency?  The emergency could be weather related, fire, carbon monoxide or other danger in your home, personal illness and inability to care for the pets, or even a zombie attack (not likely!)
We recommend our owners have at least the following: a back up source of warmth should the power go out in cold weather, a source of bottled water, an emergency baby sitting site, and enough easily accessible carriers for each and every pet should you have to leave the premises immediately.
If you have any questions on preparing an emergency plan, call us.  We will be glad to help formulate a plan, and hope you NEVER need to use it!