Outdoors We Go!


We strongly recommend most exotic pets get some outdoor time and exposure to UV light. We already know how good UV light is for reptiles, but some studies are suggesting UV light is great for birds and mammals, too.  While UV lights can be useful, nothing beats the real sun, not to mention the benefits of fresh air and novel surroundings (remember, novel surroundings may be too stressful for some especially nervous pets).

Other benefits of outdoor time for rabbits and other grazers is the ability to pull up and eat real grass and weeds (untreated of course).

So how do we acclimate out pets to outdoors after a whole winter of steady temperatures?

Start with small outdoor sessions of 10-15 minutes when temperatures are at least in the 60's.

This past Monday and Tuesday (the day before the snow came back again) our bird Abba went into her outdoor cage for the first time of the year and she loved it!  We watched her carefully for signs she was too cold, such as not playing, staying by the door, or fluffing up her feathers. As the temperature goes up and she adjusts, she spend more and more time out there!

As always, be sure pets outdoors are safe from escape, predators such as dogs, cats, and hawks flying overhead, and be sure there is plenty of water and shelter from the sun should it get too hot.