Hospital Pet Bird Abba Earns Right to Practice Veterinary Medicine


Outside experts at Purdue University have concluded that Abba the Caique has actually absorbed enough exotic animal medicine during her time at the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic that she is actually qualified to practice exotic animal medicine.  

"This was actually a complete shock to us," says Angela Lennox, DVM, owner of the Avian and Exotic Animal Practice. "Considering I had to attend 4 years of undergraduate studies, 4 years of actually veterinary school, and on top of that spend many years completing two exotic animal boards specialties, it's amazing she could pick it up so quickly.  She is really one bright bird."

Office manager Corina Lennox added, "Yeah that was a surprise. We didn't even know she had applied.  Now I have to order her new business cards."


The staff looks forward to working with Dr. Abba over the next few months.

"Obviously there are some size limitations," explained Mandy Maddamma, RVT, "she's obviously not going to be able to work on pot belly pigs as they would likely completely squish her.  She is going to start out on little geckos and things like that."

Dr. Abba is understandably excited about her new role, and expressed this by imitating the microwave, the doorbell, and one of the blood analyzer machines.