Goodbye Dr. Frank!


Again, we said farewell to another overseas visitor! Dr. Frank Ruiz Acuña, a veterinarian from Spain, stayed with us for 3 months and we will miss him very much! Here's what he had to say about his visit: FrankI arrived 3 months ago and it seems that it was yesterday. During these 3 months, I have lived with my "Indy Family" (it's how I call them) and I have checked their love and dedication for all the animals. They pamper to their client's pets as if they were their own. Since the first day, I have seen many cases and surgeries very interesting like a macaque spay, a cockatoo endoscopy and spay, rabbit gastrotomies and enteroctomies, as well as a lot of spay/neutered of many different species. Also, I have learnt new anestesia protocols, calculate CRI, extract blood from other bodyzones depending on the animal and a lot of useful stuff. It has also been very exciting to be in contact with wildlife animals, some animals that I have never treated before like pelican, hawks, owl, different kinds of small birds, turtles that have had the opportunity to be treated in the clinic. I only can say "Thank you so much" for this great experience and I hope to come back soon!