Happy (Late) New Year!


The New Year is a time to look forward into the upcoming year with hope and wishes of good health & fortune. Some of us may already be dreaming and planning for a warm Summer vacation.  It is also a time to reflect on the past year and take an inventory of what went well and what we could improve upon for the upcoming year. We here at Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic want to wish you a Very Happy New Years and to share with you some of our New Year's resolutions.


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bigger condo




 Sarah resolves to have more fun & be more adventurous.







Windy's resolution is to exercise more than she did in 2014, and to take care of herself better this year.

June wants to be more organized in 2015.






Caity (and her bird Witherwings) vow to















Here are some resolutions from our friends at EARPS (these guys and many others are looking for homes in 2015!):


Lucky vows to get his pilots licence.


Chalupa Batman resolves


As the days grow colder remember to bring animals inside if you can and be sure to check your outdoor animals for signs of frostbite and ensure they have access to food and un-frozen water. Happy New Year!