Christmas Pets


cutebunny2Introducing Mr. White, the official First Christmas Pet of the Season!   We saw Mr. White today for his first wellness check, just a few days after Santa delivered him to his new home.  We applaud Santa for being able to keep new Christmas exotic pets warm and safe during their long trips from the North Pole.  :) All new exotic pets deserve a wellness visit to start their New Year off right and wellness exams are a big part of that!

Most exotic pet species are masters at hiding illness from owners. Most are prey species, and an important survival trick is to hide injury and illness to prevent predators from targeting them. Therefore, regular veterinary visits are important to help detect early indications of illness. During a normal well pet visit, the staff will go over many aspects of pet care, discuss ways to detect early disease and minimize preventable illness, and share any new advances in exotic pet care that might benefit your special pet. All new pets go home with written care instructions.