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From the Oxbow website: Oxbow Vet Connect puts valuable educational resources and product information at the fingertips of busy veterinary professionals.  Whether you’re in need of precise, one click dosing recommendations for our Professional Line products, informational videos and educational articles, CE credit opportunities, or easy ordering for all Oxbow products, Oxbow Vet Connect is there to help.  Access these resources and more at www.OxbowVetConnect.com

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Professional Line Dosage Calculator

From alpacas to wallabies, our Professional Line Dosage Calculator provides accurate, one click dosaging information for over 150 species of carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores.  Simply enter species, age, weight, and current nutrition source to calculate dosage information in grams and tablespoons.  With the calculator, accurate professional line dosaging is available whenever critical cases present themselves, day or night.

Educational Content from Industry Experts

At Oxbow, we applaud every veterinarian’s oat to the continued improvement of professional knowledge.  To help you fulfill this oath, we are proud to offer our ever-growing library of educational videos and articles.  Our video library features high definition content relating to procedures, diagnoses, treatment plans, and general exotics care.  Printable resources include articles, case studies, and client education materials.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education coursework helps you further your professional knowledge and grow as a veterinary professional.  Oxbow Vet Connect’s intuitive eLearning platform allows you to log on, complete coursework, and receive your RACE-approved credit all in one session.  Log on to Oxbow Vet Connect today to view and enroll in our growing library of Continuing Education courses.