Enrichment is for Everybody!

Now that it's summer and the days are getting longer, take some time to be sure your exotic pet (bird, mammal or reptile) has plenty to do. Enrichment is when we offer our pets things to play with, gnaw or chew and provide food as "foraging"-this is where food is hidden in interesting puzzles or in ways where it takes some effort to find it.
If you haven't seen our videos on foraging for rabbits, parrots, and small birds such as cockatiels and finches, go here.
What about reptiles?  Some experts believe that reptiles benefit from a changing, interesting environment as well.  Our colleague and reptile expert Dr. Doug Mader wrote this article that might be of interest: http://www.cliniciansbrief.com/sites/default/files/attachments/Environmental%20Enrichment%20for%20Reptiles.pdf
If you've designed an interesting enrichment and foraging set up for your exotic pet, email us your photos and we will post them.
Wishing you and your exotic pet a safe and stimulating summer!