Memories of 2017


We bid a fond farewell to 2017, which brought about a lot of great changes for our clinic, some wonderful stories, and some loss.  We welcomed two new residents, and saw two AEAC doctors become board certified exotic specialists!  We had our Open House for the Avian and Exotic Inn, and much more. Here are some of our staff’s fondest memories of the year:

“Buddy” the chinchilla who chewed on an electrical cord and suffered some disfiguring burns and was hospitalized for treatment.  We warned her owner about the severity of the wounds, but when we presented her back to her owner, he immediately told her she looked beautiful!

“Peanut” the guinea pig who was diagnosed with a rare genetic bone disease that is considered untreatable…..actually improve and do very well with a simple miraculous cure-a UV light!

Our elderly cockatiel friend “Sammy” who after a very difficult surgery kept calling to Brie from the incubator, and then spent an hour and a half with her singing and preening and eating treats!