Rescue Spotlight: Gabriel Foundation


Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic loves exotic animal rescues. We work closely with Indiana House Rabbit Society (IHRS) and Exotic Animal Pet Rescue and Sanctuary (EARPS) Today we would like to tell you about a rescue we love a little further from home, the Gabriel Foundation in Colorado. Dr. Lennox has had the opportunity to visit and volunteer on several occasions, and the facility and staff, and their dedication to parrot welfare is exceptional. The quality of enrichment and access to beautiful spacious outdoor aviaries are just a few of the things we like about the Gabriel Foundation.

Like all rescues, the Gabriel Foundation struggles with so many birds and limited resources. The foundation is in the midst of transferring 44 birds from another rescue in Pennsylvania to their home in Colorado. The Lafeber Company has agreed to match donations, up to $5000.00 for the next few weeks. Join us in helping the newcomers settle into their new home.