The End of Another Year-for Wildlife!


It’s been another busy wildlife season…actually we are not sure we’ve ever had a slow wildlife season.  We are thankful for our licensed wildlife partners who take the injured birds, mammals and reptiles we’ve treated and nurse them back to health for eventual release.  Every year we ask the Hatton’s at “For the Birds of Indiana” how many birds they listed on their formal reports to the Department of Natural Resources-this year it was 606.  They also would like to mention another 170 birds who are unreported-these are likely pigeons and starlings who are not federally protected and aren’t recorded.   That’s a total of 776 mouths to feed! For more information on For the Birds of Indiana, go here:

There is no federal funds to support licensed wildlife rehabilitators; many rely on donations and private funds.  

Thank you to all who took time out of their busy schedule to bring injured and orphaned wildlife to us for help, our licensed rehabilitators, and our donors.